Read Snot Girl while you’re in Corona-induced quarantine, a murder-mystery graphic novel from the creator of Scott Pilgrim.

Read Snot Girl while you’re in Corona-induced quarantine, a murder-mystery graphic novel from the creator of Scott Pilgrim.

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Snot Girl sounds gross (as many people told me on Instagram when I let you all vote for my next book review), so why did I even pick it up? I wanted to (1) try something new that I hadn’t heard anything about and (2) I wanted to read a graphic novel. With this mission in mind, I perused the Barnes & Nobles graphic novel section until I came across Snot Girl.

Of course, the name was initially jarring. And the cover of the novel – a beautiful girl with green hair and snot dripping out her nose – isn’t exactly inviting. Unless you’re a certain kind of person anyways. But my curiosity and my desire to push myself into something new drove me to read a couple of pages. Which ended in me purchasing the first novel in the series.

I’m not disappointed in my decision but honestly, I’m not thrilled so far.

What did I like about Snot Girl Volume 1?

  1. The characters.
  2. The mystery.

Here is an overview of (some of) The Characters

Lottie Person main character of SnotGirl Snot Girl

Lottie Person

The main character, Lottie Person is a fashion blogger who’s hopelessly pushing herself to be edgy. Thus the green hair. She’s an influencer with a large ego, self-esteem issues, and allergies.

Mitsy Sutton. supporting character of Snotgirl Snot Girl.

Mitsy Sutton

Also a fashion blogger. She loves all things cutesy and could be classified as a Lolita or pixie. Her age is a mystery but she comes off as very young. That’s her aesthetic. Outwardly she’s Lottie’s friend, but in Lottie’s head she’s her competition. She’s pretty self-absorbed and snobbish.

Cool Girl. Supporting character of Snot Girl.

Cool Girl

Real name Caroline. She’s cool to Lottie so she nicknames her Cool Girl for her internal notes. She’s mysterious and keeps popping up at odd times.

Sunny, Lottie's estranged boyfriend in SnotGirl.


Lottie’s estranged boyfriend. He’s hot. Many girls want him. They’re a hot/cold on/off couple. He doesn’t like Lottie’s attitude right now and steps away from the relationship.

Esther Dumont. Lottie's unpaid intern in Snotgirl. Snot Girl.

Esther Dumont

Lottie’s unpaid intern. Honestly she doesn’t serve much of a purpose yet aside from being the diversity of the story since she’s the only person of color introduced so far.

What really keeps the story intriguing is the mystery.

I did say it was a murder-mystery right? So there’s a murder (duh). But what the reader is left to figure out is did Snot Girl do it? And who is/what is Cool Girl? Figuring out the deal with Cool Girl is the bread and butter of this story. If you can push past the exposition, it will peak your interest.

What didn’t I like about Snot Girl Volume 1?

The characters are little hard to connect with fully.
The women characters feel inauthentic. It could be I just have been blessed to never run across women this shallow though. Overall, the tribe has a Mean Girls aura.

The mystery is a little too mysterious.
There are a lot of holes that just fill like missing comic panels, not because you “missed” something.

I’m hoping that, as I continue the series, I’ll connect some dots. But right now it feels like a game that’s rigged for me to lose.

(I do have my theories about certain parts of the book, specifically about the true identity of Cool Girl, but I don’t want to give away any spoilers…)

So far, there is only an underdeveloped token holding it down for minority representation.
I don’t like forced diversity so I’m not trying to require the writers to force minorities into the story. But they did put one in there so I was just hoping she could get more spotlight. So far the only Black person (or any minority really) I’ve seen so far is the intern, which just feels like a modernization of the slave/maid archetypes Black people were forced to play before America fixed those horrible laws.

I loved Scott Pilgrim so I was pretty excited to see what Bryan Lee O’Malley had cooked up with Snot Girl. After reading the debut installment, I’m not super impressed, but I’m not hating it. I will continue to read the series and update you all on my thoughts as I go.

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